Customer Report In Accoxi

Customer Report

A customer report in ecommerce is a concise analysis providing valuable insights into customer behaviour, preferences, and interactions within an online retail environment. It encompasses key metrics such as sales data, customer demographics, behaviour patterns, retention rates, feedback, and marketing effectiveness. By leveraging this information, ecommerce businesses can tailor their strategies to enhance user experience, optimize marketing efforts, and ultimately drive sales and customer loyalty. Customer reports serve as a foundational tool for businesses to understand their customers better and make data-driven decisions to thrive in the dynamic landscape of online commerce.


Customer Report In Accoxi

In Accoxi, the customer report provides comprehensive details for each customer, including their name, contact number, address, email ID, last purchase date, total purchase count, and total purchase amount. This information allows businesses to have a clear understanding of their customer base, enabling them to personalize interactions, track purchasing behaviour, and tailor marketing strategies accordingly. By utilizing this data, businesses can strengthen customer relationships, improve retention rates, and drive overall sales growth effectively.

Customer Report

Menus available in Customer Report




Customer can be searched either by directly entering in the search bar or using filter option. Data can be filtered using customer name, contact no or email id.


To obtain the most recent data, you can utilize the refresh button.


To export the search list into excel format, Export button can be used.


To exit from the current window, you can utilize the Exit button.

Data available in Customer Report




Showing serial no of row of items available.

Customer Name

Displays the name of the customer.

Contact No

Displays the contact no of the customer.


Displays the address of the customer.

Email Id

Displays the email id of the customer.

Last Purchase Date

Showing the last date of purchase.

Purchase Count

Showing total purchase count of the customer.

Total Purchase

Showing total purchase amount made by the customer.

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