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Find out the features available on Purchase Module in Accoxi


A purchase involves acquiring a specific asset, property, item, or right by exchanging a predetermined amount of money, ensuring the successful completion of the transaction. In essence, it represents the exchange of money for a particular good or service. ACCOXI offers various purchase forms to comprehensively manage all purchase-related transactions.



A purchase invoice is a formal document or statement provided by a seller or service provider to a buyer, requesting payment within a specified timeframe. It outlines the details of the purchase, including the items bought, quantities, and corresponding prices. This document serves as proof of the transaction, demonstrating what was acquired and the amount paid. In ACCOXI, users can generate purchase invoices to record transactions with suppliers.

The term "Purchase Bill" is synonymous with a receipt given to the customer for the products they have purchased. Vendors refer to it as a "Sales Bill" since they are selling the product, while customers term it a "Purchase Bill" as they are buying items from the vendor. ACCOXI allows users to create bills to monitor payments owed to suppliers and facilitates the generation of recurring bills for purchases occurring at regular intervals.

Accoxi has integrated both the Bill and Purchase invoices into one unified interface. Through our comprehensive streamlines, you can simplify the process of managing expenses and product purchases and services by consolidating them into a single invoice, allowing you to save significant amounts of time.


Vendor payment refers to the direct monetary payment made by a participant to a provider of goods or services. This transaction occurs as one of the final steps in the purchase cycle, signifying the completion of the process.


A purchase order is a formal commercial document and the initial official offer extended by a buyer to a seller. This document outlines the types, quantities, and agreed-upon prices for products or services, serving as a means to regulate and track the procurement of goods and services from external suppliers.


A recurring invoice is essentially a regularly scheduled invoice sent to the same customer, consistently featuring identical details. Utilizing recurring invoices can enhance efficiency by automating the process of sending invoices to customers, making the invoicing procedure seamless and hassle-free.


A debit note is a communication tool employed by a vendor to notify the buyer of existing debt obligations. Alternatively, it can be generated by a buyer when returning goods received on credit. This document may convey details about an impending invoice or serve as a reminder for funds currently owed.


In Accoxi, the Supplier Route feature empowers users to designate specific routes to their suppliers, facilitating an organized and efficient supply chain. This strategic planning ensures easy access to suppliers and timely procurement of goods. Within Accoxi, users can allocate routes to suppliers during the creation process and generate comprehensive route-wise party reports for enhanced tracking and management.

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