Monthly Analysis in Accoxi

This form helps the user to analyze the profit/cost center data.


An organization unit is a form in ACCOXI which manages the organization’s Cost and profit centers. Organizational units are used to structure business functions and for reporting. Cost centers and profit centers are both reasons for which a business becomes successful. OU in ACCOXI is very helpful for the business to make a monthly wise analysis of your cost Center and profit Center data and allocation can be made according to the user’s needs. Users can easily identify which profit Center generates more profit and which cost Center involves more cost through pictorial representation. The bar chart represents profit Center data and the pie chart indicate cost Center data

Monthly Analysis in Organization Unit
Monthly Analysis in Organization Unit in Accoxi


Monthly analysis is a form under Organization Unit. This form helps the user to analyze the profit/cost center data. It facilitates information like the total amount of each ledger group registered with the organization unit and the allocated amount of the same. With the help of this form, users can understand and analyze both profit and cost center OU’s, monthly wise analysis, the total amount in each ledger group, and out of that total amount how much is allocated to each OU.

To access Monthly Analysis Form:-

Click on ACCOUNTS section -> Select Organization Unit -> Monthly Analysis

Access Monthly Analysis Form in Accoxi


Data available in Monthly Analysis Search Table:




Serial number of data in the table


Shows the month in which monthly analysis is done


Shows the year of OU


Shows the OU name


Description / Remarks given if any.


View option to access the OU amount allocation information


It gives the option to edit/delete the monthly analysis data.

Menu’s available in Monthly Analysis Search Form


1. Filter option

The Filter option Of the Monthly analysis form Can Be used In Two Ways-Either You Can Directly Enter The OU name Into The Search Bar Near The Filter Option Or By Clicking The Filter Dropdown.

Users Can Filter the Data by OU name, description, and monthly wise.

2. Refresh button

If the latest data is not displayed then click on the refresh button

3. Add new option

Add new option enables the user to create a new monthly analysis

4. Export option

User can export their data in excel format

Click on the export button and the user can select the location and save the data

5. View Option

Users can view the monthly analysis generated on a particular OU using this button.

6. More option

  • EDIT OPTION: If the user wants to make any changes relates to OU Monthly analysis, then it can be done through the edit option. By clicking on the edit option user can make changes to allocated amount and can also give remarks
  • DELETE OPTION: To delete the created OU monthly analysis user can use this button.

7.Pagination control

It controls the page navigation and the page size. Page size can be set to 10, 20, 50 & 100. While clicking on the Go Button (>) user can jump to the said page


Below the pagination control, there is an exit button. If you want to exit the Monthly analysis search page click on the exit button.

Steps to create new Monthly Analysis:
  • Click on ACCOUNTS section à Select Organization Unit à Monthly Analysis
  • Click on the add new button
  • Select the month
  • Select the organization unit
  • Provide remarks if any
  • Click save

Steps to create new Monthly Analysis Form




Select the Month which that the user needs to generate the analysis

OU Name

Select the OU to get its monthly analysis


Click on the search button to search the Monthly OU data

Color filter

It shows incomes in green color and expenses in red color


This option shows the detailed information on a particular ledger


Shows the serial number of the data in the table


Shows the ledger names that are assigned to the OU. Users can also filter the ledgers using the filter option

Account group

The account group under which the ledger is assigned is shown here.


The total amount under the ledger shows here.

Allocated Amount

Shows the allocated amount of a particular ledger from the total amount shows here.


In this column, users can give remarks.

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