How to change passwords in Accoxi?

Find out how to change your passwords in Accoxi


Change Password in ACCOXI

A Password reset is an operation in Accoxi, that allows the user to set another password to a desired new value, regardless of their current value. A Password change is a user action, where user enter a new password for accoxi user account.

Change Password

Key Features:

  • It helps the user to reset the password according to the user’s requirement.
  • User can change the password with multiple time without any limits.
  • It helps the user to Prevents constant access and prevents use of saved passwords.


Steps to Change Password

1.Click on the Settings menu on the top right side of the page. Then list of settings tab will open.

2.Select the option Change Password from General settings option, then it opens to Change Password page. 

Password Change

3. Then need to enter the current/old password on the Old Password field.

4. Enter the new password that the user needs to reset, on the second New Password field.

5. After entering the new password, again enter the new password on Confirm Password field.

6. Then click on the Change Password option on the bottom right side of the page, to save the changes and to set the new password.


Frequently Asked Questions?

01How do I Change the Password?

  • Click on Settings =>Preferences=> Change Password
  • Enter the old Password.
  • Enter the new Password and type it again to confirm the new password.
  • Click on Change Password

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