Guide for learning the sales module in Accoxi


Accoxi offers a dedicated module for handling and documenting sales transactions within the organization. It allows users to generate invoices for customer purchases. This sales module encompasses various forms such as sales invoices, point-of-sale entries, recurring sales invoices, sales orders, sales estimates, credit notes, salesperson details, and records of received payments.

Sales Module In Accoxi


A sales invoice serves as an accounting record for a business transaction, documenting the services and products provided to a customer, including the transaction date and the amount owed by the customer to the business. In ACCOXI, you have the ability to generate invoices for sales transactions with your customers.



The Accoxi POS system is tailored to provide retailers with a user-friendly interface, ensuring a hassle-free retail experience. It enables users to efficiently process transactions, ultimately leading to improved operational efficiency. Additionally, it offers detailed reporting and analytics for better business insights.

A recurring invoice is a repetitive invoice sent to the same customer with identical details at regular intervals. Opting for recurring invoices in ACCOXI's sales module allows for automated and hassle-free delivery to your customers, enhancing efficiency. ACCOXI enables users to easily set up and manage recurring sales invoices.

A sales order in Accoxi represents an invoice for ordered goods by a customer that has not yet been invoiced. Users have the capability to both create and record sales orders, with the option to convert them into sales invoices or even transform them into purchase orders. This feature allows users to generate sales orders for both products and services.



Sales estimates involve the process of predicting future sales. Reliable sales forecasts empower companies to make well-informed business decisions and anticipate both short-term and long-term performance. In ACCOXI, users can generate forecasts for future sales in the sales module under the "estimates" section, allowing for effective planning and strategy development.



A credit note, also known as a credit memo, is a document issued by a seller to a buyer, serving as a record of a commercial transaction. It functions as a source document for the sales return journal. In Accoxi, users have the capability to generate and save credit notes, providing a convenient way to manage these documents effectively.



A salesperson is an individual responsible for selling products, either within a store or directly to customers on behalf of a company. In Accoxi, users have the capability to create an account for a salesperson and include their details in the Sales Invoice. This feature aids in tracking the sales made by specific salespeople and provides customers with information about their purchases. It helps both the user and the customer in identifying and understanding the sales transaction.



In ACCOXI, the "Payments Received" function involves recording payments received from customers for completed sales. This encompasses any advance payments made by customers as well as the adjustment of opening balances. It provides a comprehensive overview of the financial transactions related to customer payments.



In Accoxi, the "Delivery Challan" feature allows users to generate a challan when goods are being transported from one location to another. While a delivery challan isn't an official sales invoice, ACCOXI users can effortlessly convert it into one if needed. This provides flexibility in handling transactions involving the movement of goods.



The Customer Route feature in Accoxi allows users to allocate specific routes to their customers, facilitating an organized distribution channel. This strategic planning helps users efficiently reach their customers and ensures prompt delivery of goods. In Accoxi, users can establish and manage these routes when creating customer profiles, and can also generate reports categorized by routes. Additionally, the customer route form provides a means to assign salespersons for enhanced tracking of customer information in a specific area. This aids in optimizing customer management and sales efforts.

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