Accounts Module in Accoxi

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Accoxi is an accounting software that facilitates the recording, auditing, and analysis of all financial transactions with ease. In this section, you will discover how Accoxi, as an online accounting software, empowers users to access comprehensive details of various business transactions within an organization. Accoxi enables users to efficiently record a wide range of business transactions conducted within the firm.

Accounts Module In Accoxi


Accoxi facilitates the recording of various business transactions within the firm. The "Search Accounts" form, found under the Accounts module, offers a comprehensive view of transactions involved in the business. It displays various transaction types, including Sales Invoices, Purchase Invoices, Credit Notes, Bills, Customer Payments, Supplier Payments, Contra, Receipts, Payments, etc.


In Accoxi, the General Ledger serves as a record of a company's overall financial accounts. Accounts typically recorded in a general ledger encompass assets, liabilities, equity, expenses, and income or revenue.


The Receipts function in ACCOXI handles amounts received by the business, excluding those from customers. Larger customer payments are usually recorded in the sales module under payments received.


Payment involves the transfer of money, goods, or services in exchange for a product or service. In ACCOXI, the Payment feature manages smaller payments made by the business, excluding payments to suppliers. Larger amounts from suppliers are typically recorded in the purchase module under payments made.


A journal is a detailed account that records all financial transactions of a business for future reconciliation and transfer to other official accounting records, such as the general ledger. The Journal form is included in Accoxi under the Accounts module.


A salary is a form of payment from an employer to an employee, usually specified in an employment contract. In Accoxi, a dedicated form is maintained for entering salary transactions, allowing users to create new payments, record, and search previous salary payment details.


Bank deposits in ACCOXI involve entering deposits in the bank. Deposit accounts can include savings accounts, current accounts, or other types of accounts, as explained below.


Bank withdrawal refers to the withdraw of money from a bank account. In Accoxi, users can record bank transactions such as deposits and withdrawals, aiding in more effective handling of banking and business activities.


In Accoxi, users have the ability to record the transfer of money from one bank to another under this option. This facilitates the efficient management of banking transactions.


Accoxi offers a Bank Reconciliation system, helping users identify differences between the passbook and company book and make appropriate adjustments to accounting records.


Accoxi, as a modern accounting software, provides an Account Group form, allowing users to configure the account group format of the organization.


Accoxi, being a contemporary accounting software, provides a dedicated form for managing ledgers. Users can create and manage ledger accounts for the organization.


Accoxi, as a modern accounting software, offers an Opening Balance form, enabling users to manage the opening balance of the organization effectively.

VAT Return

Accoxi offers VAT return forms to ensure compliance with government policies on taxation. Additionally, Accoxi simplifies the process of generating VAT return forms, streamlining tax-related reporting for businesses. Accoxi furnishes a detailed VAT format that facilitates easy export and simplifies the filing process.

Bill Of Entry

The Bill of Entry forms in Accoxi allow you to record expenses related to customs duty incurred on the import of goods from other GCC countries. This feature aids in tracking expenses associated with the importation of goods.

Fund Transfer

The Fund Transfer feature enables you to seamlessly move funds between branches, providing an efficient means to manage your branch accounts. Additionally, this streamlined process ensures timely and secure financial transactions, enhancing overall account management convenience.

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