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Accoxi's POS system ensures the smooth running of your business.



The point of sale or point of purchase is the time and place where a retail transaction is completed. The POS is the place in a shop where a product is passed from the seller to the customer. POS is an abbreviation for 'point of sale' (business). ACCOXI provide Point Of Sale system to the users and it enable the user to attain smooth and efficient running of the business. In ACCOXI anyone can use the Point of Sale function for quick billing and cash sale.

Point of Sale system (POS) in Accoxi

A point of sale system, or POS, is the place where your customer makes a payment for products or services at your store. Simply put, every time a customer makes a purchase, they’re completing a point-of-sale transaction. In this video, you will be taken on a tour of how Accoxi Implements a POS system.

Key features of POS

  • POS form is touch screen supported
  • Can create multiple counters and can be used in multiple counters
  • Hold feature to hold Bill and add new sales
  • The lock screen option is available
  • It includes quick billing
  • It includes multiple payment methods like cash, credit/debit card, CHEQUE, etc.
  • It provides a bar code scanning system and barcode allows the inventory system to know exactly where the item is in your system. 
  • Users can track their Customers by using mobile numbers.
  • It enable customer-employee face-to-face or direct transaction.
  • It helps to maximize the sales by speed through customer transactions.



  • Click the Sales module and select the Point of sales option.
  • And user will be directed to POS form


Options Available in Point of Sales

Point of sale consists of various options user can create a new POS bill with the help of these options

Point Of Sale



POS number

POS number helps the user to identify transactions in records. It will automatically appear on the form and the user can’t edit the number, and it will be the continuation of the previous POS bill.


Date of the POS transaction will be available here this will also appear on the POS bill


Users can enter a cash sale from here and users can also create a new customer by entering the customer name, mobile, and email address.

Shortcut key f2 is given to access all the created customers in the business and the user can also access the created customers from the options given on the right side of the form.


Shows the counter name of the POS system

Item count

Shows the number of the items added on the cart which is on the left side.


The total amount of the bill is given in here


The amount received from the customer can be shown in here


The balance amount to give back to the customer shows here


Users can enter the required quantity of the item in this field.


This menu is for searching for the products to be sold.  By scanning the bar code products will be added to the cart. User can also search the products by pressing enter key and by selecting the created products from the product list

New sales & clear sales

This menu is used for clearing the data entered in the POS form and creating new POS sales.


By clicking on products or by using f5 users can access the created products

Pay now

Click on pay now or f6 to enter the payment from the customers. User can select the payment method which is cash, CHEQUE, debit/credit card


All the created POS can be accessed using the search option


After entering the payment details click on save to save the POS transaction


The hold menu feature is used for the purpose to hold a particular POS transaction and to attend the next customer/invoice. The bill which is on hold can be recalled later.


The bills which are on hold can be recalled and saved using the recall option


This lock option locks the entire POS form it can be unlocked only by entering the ACCOXI password

Keypad options

*Backspace: to delete the data entered back space can be used

*Delete option: to delete the selected items in the cart delete function can be used

*Calculator: by clicking in the calculator button user can access the calculator

*Keyboard: user can access the inbuilt ACCOXI keyboard using this function

Steps to Create & Save POS

  • Click on the Sales module and select the Point of sales option.
  • When the user clicks the point of sale option, the POS form opens.
  • Click on new sales and Select the Customer or can create a new customer by entering customer details
  • After selecting the customer, enter the QTY of items and click on the product button or use F5 to select the products from the product list window

Editing POS
  • Users can edit the quantity and rate of the products by clicking on the edit sign as highlighted above
  • Users can hold and recall transactions from the hold and recall option
  • when recalled a table will be open giving the users to choose the transactions needed to be recalled.

Hold Details
  • After entering the required products and batches click on pay now
  • Select the payment method and enter the reference number of the payment.
  • After selecting the payment method, enter the payment amount in the amount field. The amount must be paid in full otherwise it can’t be saved.

POS Payment
  • Click on the Save option to save the data and to create the bill.
  • After save the details, POS bill will appear on the window.

Frequently Asked Questions?

01How do I Recall a Bill in POS?

  • Go to Sales Module=>POS
  • And by pressing F10/by clicking recall button user can recall a bill.
  • This menu is used for the purpose take into consideration/recall the bill which is put on hold.

02How to hold a Bill in POS?

  • Go to sales Module=>POS
  • And by pressing F9/by clicking hold button user can hold a bill.
  • This menu is used for the purpose to hold a customer and to bill another customer.

03How do I select a Customer in POS?

  • Go to Sales Module=>POS
  • by pressing F4/clicking Customer button user can access the customer list
  • select a customer from the list make a transaction.

04How do I add a Product to the cart in POS?

  • Go to Sales Module=>POS
  • and by pressing F5/clicking product button user can access the product/service list
  • from there select a product and it will be added to the cart

05How Do I add multiple payments methods in POS?

  • Go to settings
  • Click on the counter-mapping option
  • Choose "+New Counter" option
  • Then on the Payment Type’s column, add multiple Payment Types and choose their corresponding Payment Ledgers,
  • Then select which payment type is to set as the default payment type
  • and Click on the Save button.

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