General Module in Accoxi

Manual guide in understanding the general settings available in Accoxi

General module In ACCOXI

The general module in Accoxi sets up for the user to enter and edit basic details of the organization. the module offers a search tool to access modules and reports by using accurate keywords. A quick create option that grants users to conduct functions of Accoxi from the home page. the main function of the general module is the ability to switch to a different organization by the user within a mouseclick.



Quick search option is a search tool allowing users to access reports, modules and conduct functions in Accoxi by providing accurate keywords.


 Quick create function allows users to quickly create transactions and other functions in Accoxi by clicking on the Plus icon (+) near the quick-search bar.


Accoxi's most important feature is the ability for users having multiple organizations to switch among them to conduct Accounting activity with a mouse click 


A key feature of Accoxi is its capability to enable users with multiple branches to seamlessly switch between them with just a mouse click, facilitating efficient accounting activities.


 Accoxi's profile settings help the user to add or change the profile photo and can change the company name.


A notification panel is a place to quickly access alerts, notifications, and shortcuts. A notification is a message that provides the user with reminders, communication, or other timely information.


Feedback is the information about reactions to a product, a person’s performance of a task, etc which is used as a basis for improvement.


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